British Honorable Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms circa 1890 BMM22


Her Majesty’s Body Guard of the Hon Corps of GENTLEMEN-AT-ARMS, The Sovereign’s nearest guard, was instituted by King Henry VIII in 1509. UP until 17 March 1834, they were known as The Honourable Band of GENTLEMEN PENsIONERS, WHEN IN THAT YEAR WILLIAM IV DESIGNATED THE CORPS GENTLE-MEN-AT-ARMS. Henry decided to have this new and sumptuous Troop of Gentlemen composed of cadets of noble families and the highest order of gentry as his personal body guard. As his Body Guard, THE CORPS accompanied Henry to France in 1513 and took part In The BATTLE OF GUINEGATE or better known as the BATTLE OF SPURS of 1520, and attended The King at the Field of the Cloth of Gold.
EXCEPT for the Yeomen of the Queen’s Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard and the sergeant-at-Arms, the Gentlemen-at-Arms are the oldest corps in England. At the time that the gentlemen began conducting their duties on foot in Court, as well as mounted in the field, they carried the battle ax.
Today the Hon Corps consist of 5 officers and 27 gentlemen, all of whom, with the exception of the captain, are retired officers of the Army or the Royal Marines and are members of the Royal Household. The officers are promoted from amongst the gentlemen of Office and receive stickS OF THE OFFICE from the hand of the Sovereign on appointment. Their normal duties include attendance at all State Occasions and Services of the Great Orders of Chivalry. The Corps has its headquarter in St James’s Palace. WORLD WAR I SAW AN END TO MOST OF THE EUROPEAN ROYAL SOVEREIGN’S AND THEIR HONOR GUARD’S, IN BRITAIN HOWEVER, THE HON CORPS OF GENTLE-MEN-AT-ARMS HAS INDURED.

PAINTING GUIDE For The Gentlemen-at-Arms:
COATEE – Scarlet Cloth, single-breasted. Blue velvet collar, Gold embroidery on collar , with portcullis in silver on collar. Gold Nine buttons down front.
BUTTONS – Gilt, indented. The Garter Star and garter with the Tudor portcullis in the center. Epaulettes – gold bullion, boxed, bright crescent rim, check lace strap. Tudor portcullis in silver embroidery on shoulder-strap. Badges of rank in the army silver embroidery above.
Aiguillette – For Officers only. Gimp gold cord to hang from under the epaulettes on right shoulder. HELMET – Gilt metal, with scroll and leaf ornaments. Front Royal Arms ornament is quartering within the garter, mounted on silver star cut. Applies chin-scales, with lion head bosses.
PLUME – white swan feathers, 18 inches long, to hang to edge of helmet.
WAIST SASH – Gold, 2½ inches wide, with three red stripes 1/8 inches wide. Gilt clasp on left side. Tassels gold and red twist, with round heads, to hang 18 inches.
POUCH – Blue Velvet, with Royal Cypher and crown in gold embroidery, For Officers: Wreath of oak leaves within the lace.

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British Honorable Corps of
Gentlemen-at-Arms circa 1890
The Queen’s Body Guard
1/10 scale resin bust
Sculpted by: Aaron Brown
Box Art Painted by: Mike Cramer
Item: BMM22

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